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What we do

TNWOC specializes in the creation of a cleaning solution that is especially safe for the work environment. Based on our years of experience we have created a product line called PROFI.

We give cleaning advice in the industrial sector, in public buildings, catering and the leisure sector. The following photos and videos give an idea of the difference we can make within your organization.

  • Maritime industry

    Dirt along the waterline, rust, lime and grease on iron and other material is a persistent problem for everyone in the maritime industry. Our powerful, water-soluble industrial cleaners provide a fast solution.

  • Food industry

    Where we work with food it has to be perfectly clean and safe. You achieve optimal results with our TNO certified cleaning product for floors.

  • Automotive industry

    Shiny rims, a mirror clean, save floor and gone with all the grease and dirt? with one product you will be able to make this happen. We also have a product line for your glas and RVS that provides a anti-static effect.

  • Industrial industry

    Black stripes, grease, dirt and not able to get it clean? We offer the solution. The floor will become cleaned, anti-static, stiff and safe with our products. And of course, always tailored advice!

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